Health Insurance

Why do I need Health insurance?

  • Health is wealth and a Mediclaim Policy is the best way to insure it. Mediclaim is the best solution that you can use to cover up all medical expenses.

  • Health Insurance (popularly known as Medi-claim Policy) offers protection from unexpected medical emergencies, providing a financial support. Health insurance therefore, can be a source of support as it takes care of the financial burden your family may have to go through. It will help you tackle such situations with ease by providing you with timely and adequate medical care.

  • Mediclaim insurance covers you and your family against expenses that you may incur on hospitalization as an in-patient in a hospital or nursing home in India for treatment. With the rising incidence of diseases including lifestyle related ailments and cost of treatment, any incident of hospitalization can mean substantial financial outgo for you and your family.

  • Mediclaim insurance allows you to plan for such events without feeling the financial burden of treatment. It also allows tax saving since the premium that you pay on your Mediclaim insurance policy is eligible for tax deduction up to Rs.15000 under Section 80 D of the Income Tax Act.